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Post Subject: In search of a new good phono cablePosted by Romy the Cat on: 1/2/2010

I am all set with my reference arm but my dally arm with SME 3009/Otophone SPU Classic severely underperforms in my view. The arm use Otophone SPU Classic that is all together is OK balanced cartridge. Nothing overly exciting but more or less neutrally balanced. The arm is far from my Phonostage, so I need 2M cable. I used to use Purist Proteus B to connect it but a few months back the cable dried out. I sent to POD to refill and it was the last time it sound good.

I was tried a quite a few cables since then and I absolutely hate all of them.  None of the cables have good deep bass. The only one cable I have – a cheep $30 SME cable has phenomenal bass but not listenable upper range. After many tries I found one cable that like but it is 1.5m (there is no ways to get it longet) and it is too short to go around the TT. Also, it is very stiff. I have a stiff Dominus on another side of TT and I can’t have two stiff cable of both sided – it defeat the purpose to have a TT to be air-suspended.


So, I would like to find a 2M, very soft RCA- RCA cable that would sound good with low signals. I would pay $100-$150 for a good cable.

The Cat

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