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Post Subject: “… the insane pricing of the Schroder arms”Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/20/2009

 Paul S wrote:
It is intresting to me that despite the insane pricing of the Schroder arms, this is yet another case where it seems necessary spend as much as possible to get the best realization of the "key features" that might actually make the arm do what it is "designed to do".  Regarding the final price, who could imagine why Frank does not want to deal directly with High-End Audiophiles, and Lord knows what the middleman's mark-up is.  I doubt Frank is getting rich off this, but if he's doing OK, then good for him.

I do not know how “insane” Schroder arms are priced. I have heard that it is $1200 and I have heard $4200, I do not know or care how much exactly. I have no concerns about the mark-up. The cost of the tonearms nowadays is absolutely insane. I have seen arms for 9K and for $12K. The ridicules of those prices is not that they are too-high in absolute numbers but that the prices are absolutely disassociated from benefits and results.

A tonearm that arguably non-surpassable in term of Sound – the SME 3012 – use to cost $1000 years back and… it is ironically costs $1000 today. If one buys an arm that costs 2-3-5-10 times as much then would it add any user benefit to what SME 3012 has already able to do sonically? I am not sure it will. A new arms might offer “new “or updated technology and new topology but they do not really offer more advanced Sound then the 3012 does. Why the people in such case are motivated to pay for the tonearms 3, 4 or 10 times as much as the 3012 cost is beyond my understanding.

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