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Post Subject: if (6C41C.CompareTo(½6C33C)!=0) Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/31/2005

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The 6C33C was available with 1,2,3 anodes. The version with one anode known as 6C41C.  It kind of smaller tube with the rest practically identical characteristics with ½ 6C33C. Did anyone ever hear how this tube sounds. Bas Horneman  uses it in his amps but he does not have experience with 6C33C. I have seen before that the sampler packaging tubes did not sounded as good as this larger brothers, even if the where identical tubes but with the reduced glass volumes.

So, did anyone have an OK sounding amp with ½ 6C33C and who tried to replace it with 6C41C? If so then could you share your observations?

Romy the Cat

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