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Post Subject: The Internet-inspired, brawn-track delivered Messiah.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/18/2009

 Stitch wrote:
What is the main difference in High End today and 10 years ago? Today it is possible to launch average products into the market via Internet Hype from DIY groups.

Yep, you are spot on. All that you need to sell a dead rat on a stick as some kind of “culinary gourmet revolution” is few vocal cronies on web with “good spelling” and an army of ignorant customers who are craving for a new brawn-track delivered Messiah.

As I said, I have no personal opinion about Schroder arms. I never dealt with it. What you guys report about it do sound ridicules to me but I am know do not believe to “other” people. Furthermore, there are some few elements in audio performance of which I might predict with remarkable accuracy. Tonearms are very much not those elements. Tonearms are very tricky and it hard to say anything. So, do not form any opinion about Schroder tonearm besides my fear of lightly suspended arms. I however looks like VERY accurately predicted that Mr. Schroder association with Jonathan Weiss is very much not accidental. If Mr. Schroder absolutely freely chose that filthy person to present his tonearms in US then it is in my view a significant sign that Mr. Schroder is willing to be associate  with the Weiss-level of audio-expertise and Weiss-level of human ethics. What Schroder did does associate with that shit is self-disqualifying and surprise, surprise. His tonearms reportedly from you guys …. sound accordingly. Invigorating!

The Cat

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