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Post Subject: "Rigid"Posted by Paul S on: 12/17/2009
I love the endless BS that is written about the "ideal" "rigid" connection between the stylus and the groove.  Linn did a great version of selling this notion with their LOI spiel targeting the typical OCD hi-fi nerd.  Not to say that a stable relationship is not important, rather to say that the arm need not be a 1" 16 gauge stainless steel tube coupled to the TT platter with a hinge from a bank vault in order to be "stable enough" or, more specifically, as stable as will effectively matter in terms of overall audible performance in use.

Of course I meant mechanical ground when I said that most arms have multiple ground paths.  And of course I was being facitious when I suggested that more is better.

I have to say, though, I am not so certain that the "path to ground" on many arm/TT combinations is a 1-way street.

The latest Walker, to me, looks like one of the best existing examples of the inevitable coupling of fringe OCD evolution with weird-ass devolution to yield very "interesting" results.  I would be very open to starting with that TT, though I am less intellectually confident with that arm, let alone the other "stuff" they hawk to go with the TT.

Paul S

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