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Post Subject: $ignature Intere$tPosted by Paul S on: 12/16/2009
Frank himself will often cut in at this point to head off most of the speculative nonsense.  Not to co- opt him here, but I find it interesting that most of the Schroder arms (sorry, no umlaut...) are particularly subject to VTF changes with minimal changes in VTA/height [adjustment].  OTOH, if one simply must have a VTF system that considers warped records, then Frank will - for substantial extra cash - conture the magnets to give enough "range" of +/- accurate  VTF to allow for some warping.

As for "the reference path to ground", most arms have several "paths to ground".  So they must be better than good...

The main thing for a tonearm to do is to help the cartridge to do its job... and nothing else.  I can think of a couple of arms from each of several designs that might work with a  given cartridge on the right TT.  The rest will have sonic signatures that speak over any and every cartridge used with them.

I don't travel in these circles now, but I suspect that the top end version of this arm, with a  heavy wood wand, the "contured magnet", and the "damping option", will work "fine" with a the "right" cartridge.

Shoppers: good luck finding the "right" cartridge to pair with the Schroder.

(Helpful Hint: you might want to steer clear of the 901...)

Paul S

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