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Post Subject: Joining zillion audio Morons Posted by Thorsten on: 7/21/2005

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Well, what can I say.

Different parts sound different, like it or not.

I agree the topology needs to be "right" first, but once past that you will be surprised just how much difference parts happen to make.

However, cogitating about your current Amp side issue, I think a few other other things need to be taken into account.

Others have commented that the coupling capacitor is rather close in value to the Valves parasitic capacitance. You MUST use a value for your filter probably at least 10 times as high in value to get this problem reduced.

What I'd suggest is as follows:

1) Place a choke/CCS in the driver anode for the driver you use.
2) Use the resistor you normally use as Anode load as gridresistor for the 6S33.
3) Size the coupling cap to match this resistor.

This will result in the same harmonic behaviour in the passband of the driver.

EVEN BETTER would be to limit yourself to ONE driver Valve and to add the relevant highpasses using the above principle (more or less) to keep the amplifiers harmonic profile.

Finally, just a repeat.

If you take a speaker level crossover (first order or not) replacing it with a line level crossover having the same nominal corner frequencies DOES NOT WORK if your goal is to replicate the original filter response.

Drivers are reactive and so are crossovercompinents. Their interactions cannot be replicated in a line-level crossover hence the line level crossover must be tuned completely separatly, from first principles again to give the desired result.

I think you have fallen in the trap of too many variables, different component types, problematic impedance matching AND X-over topology problems. You first need to resolve the topology and impedance matching.

Ciao T

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