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Post Subject: Voicing = BS?Posted by cv on: 7/21/2005

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I hear you... I've never gone for the school of thought that says, let's correct the inadequacies of component/topology A by throwing in some "complementary" inadequacies in B.

Or, as a feline mathematician might put it, if each of the "sounds" is flawed:

Sound =   ( (sounds1 ^ k) + (sounds2 ^ k) + (sounds3 ^ k)...) ^ (1/k)

where k = musical demand coefficient

k = 1 for Patricia Barber Cafe Wotsit
k = 2 for classic multitracked rock
k = 4 for say, Rach 2
k = 8 for Verdi Requiem at full tilt

where the most extreme moron has failed to understand that k is even and is trapped in a circle of listening and tuning to k = 1 music...


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