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Post Subject: What concernes me the mostPosted by Romy the Cat on: 7/20/2005


What I most concern is that my pursuing to fix the HF channel I make myself similar to zillion audio Morons who run across Audio like wounded in the ass animals and keep evaluation components, elements, cables, soldering and defectively of the wires. Although I perfectly understand that the validity of this actions but their method I found completely idiotic, furthermore - their objectives almost always condemned to be failed. In dominating majority of cases they do not have methodologically objective evolution methods and practically all of them (including me) get relative and severely conditioned results.

I try never (how about now? :-) to be engaged into voicing of sound by matching parts and even now doing my current crassness I am not happy with what I do. All those endless chasing of the results by selection of parts affects the Sounds but not Sound. Mostly people who play with those foolish games use initially very poor or even horrible, frequency unusable (dispute to be audiophile-approved) components. So, in thier cases the change between the “obvious garbage” and “almost-garbage” produce a “notable result”. I personally use proven, frequency commercial grade, NUTRAL elements that themselves do minimum or nothing to Sound and THEN I try to shape sound by topologic decision instated of the voicing chose. In fact the real valuable Sound does not come from a voicing anyhow and the really serious Topological Sound smashes through anyhow, even through the very crapy “sounding” components.

Well, it wounds like I “use” or I “shape sound”… In realty this exposure of mine to my believes that “I do something” is very temporarily and frankly speaking it started it being instigated by Dima and few other local folks. I hope when I finish the Super Milq project then my amusement with solder will be over and I will return to my quiet lagoon of listening music and beaching/teaching to audio Morons that thier sound sucks…

In the end a few words about the actual subject :-)

There are many different vision what and why going on in there including just an “absurd“ one that the line level filtering is fundamentally faulty because the gain stages do not operate within the full scale of harmonic envelop. I do not know what is going and I feel that the problem with the cap is topological – means the filtering demand to cap is very different then to the compiling cap + high impedance + high voltage. Probably not all caps can handle it. In a couple days I will have my Cube 950 that is my proven default  NUTRAL cap. I should had began with it and do not allow myself to go in o this crassness. I will think about the further reasoning and conclusions after I try the 950 in there.

The Cat

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