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Post Subject: The “cleaning dancing” in the middle of everything.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/14/2009

Well, I did not have yet the promised to me “loosing virginity high-end record cleaning ceremony” and I might not in the same boat what you guys as I do not really know what you are talking about. What however I would like to ask you is the subject that bothers me the most: how can you determine that the record is cleanable?

What I mean: we buy a record that has a visually acceptable surface but has some noise.  You do the regular single wash to get rid the cockroach’s legs and dust from the record and it is still has some noise. The noise might be because many reasons: the residual direst that allegingly might be removed by your “better cleaning techniques”, it might be from the facts that the grooves were compromised by wrong, worn or improperly installed cartridges, it might be just faulty vinyl mass was used for this bath of records, or it might be one of many other reasons. So, my question is – how you differentiate the noisy record that might be cleaned and improved further and the records that are beyond the cleaning help. Are any of you come up with any more or less objective or demonstrable test that would recognize the noise as some kind of special noise that might be cleaned?

The reason I ask is because I have to admit that I do not like cleaning records. I know that some people like the ritual itself and I in fact remember that in my youth I did enjoy, or at list die not object the records cleaning. Nowadays I do not find the records cleaning as a stimulating procedure. My cleaning machine is loud and sound horrible.  It breaks the whole intimacy of record playing. The most I hate is what I need to flip a record to another side and recognize that it needs a cleaning. So, I need to do all that “cleaning dancing” between the first and second movements of Saint-Saens Second Piano Concerto? That sucks, and I prefer to play it on dirty…

The Cat

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