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Post Subject: Worm's Eye ViewPosted by Paul S on: 11/14/2009

Adrian, I am dying to know if you've used a stereo microscope as part of your [OCD...] record cleaning research, and if so, how what you've seen has added to your understanding.

I have so many questions about "before and after" appearances that I don't know where to begin.

It really puzzled me that the different commercial "detergents" I used made sonic problems.  I always thought the dishwasher "detergents", at least, should leave the vinyl alone and easily rinse off the record.  I made solutions, of course, and really tried to rinse them off carefully with "regular" and de-ionized H2O, and of course I used the vacuum to finish.  I also tried it with very warm as well as lukewarm H2O.  Any ideas what happened?

I'll bet we all want to know about the dreaded "mold-release" agents.

Also, what truth, and how important, the claims that "fungus" grows in the grooves?

Best regards,
Paul S

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