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Post Subject: Enzymes and alternativesPosted by drdna on: 11/13/2009
Regarding the comparison of new and old vinyl, yes, but this is, of course, nothing new, is it?

Now returning to the topic of this thread, record cleaning, yes, as I mentioned I use an enzymatic wash for records. More properly it is a soaking, as I consider it to be inadequate to put a few drops of fluid on a record, swirl it around, and then wipe it off. I actually prepare my solution and pour it into a Milton's Giant Ant Farm, which I have inverted. It is a convenient, ultra-thin container, so I don't have to waste a lot of fluid, and the record will stand upright easily. I have tried all the different enzyme washes and prefer Walker's.

This said, what is it that enzymes are doing? Presumably shifting metals to soluble forms, breaking down proteins by breaking molecular bonds, etc. So we can use a combination of proteases and redox agents perhaps to achieve a similar result. A oxidizing agent like hydrogen peroxide might be mild enough on vinyl. Perhaps the protease enzymes in modern laundry detergents may be efficacious. I haven't tested either.

Again my real worry is that the enzymes and cleaners available for "other purposes" may damage vinyl, so one must be careful.

Has anyone done this sort of thing out there? Other thoughts? I am curious to hear.

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