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Post Subject: Wisdom!Posted by twogoodears on: 11/12/2009
Very wise, Roman... I - myself and my wallet - both must agree about your feelings and opinions... I've been into tube collecting since early '80s and what I guessed was dear (ITL 50.000 (about EUR 25) for an AD1 or "Luftwaffe" RE604 is now a TRUE bargain... same for smooth plate, diamond Telefunken's ECC83, Arcturus 45, Cunningham's CX-350, etc.

The problem is: using this "lamps" or simply stocking'em in a closet... now a vault;-)?

With instruments is the same: a Stradivarious needs to be played... in a vault it's an expensive bunch of glued wood!

The "sound" obtained from gears and "when to stop" are two beloved topics of mine, indeed... I'll add also "by chance" to this... some people - myself, by chance - love "searching" per se.

Any find has a very tasty weight and pleasure involved, also negatives... like after a car crash you can find your soul-mate;-)

Death will stop me, I know for sure... my wallet says "stop" or "go"... my ears love novelty and recognize difference in sound qualities and I'm (still) pleased in accomplish this quest.

I'm not a prey for tech-heads... sure I'm a victim of Music... but, IMO, it's like being killed with honey!

Seriously, as I'm also Cancer-born, and I guess "I know" your feeling: I own 2 quartets - i.e. 4 matched pairs of WE 437A... I agree they'll possibly change sound character, but they'll possibly survive to me...

In the meantime, I enjoy the toys I had built for me, tamed, fine-tuned bent to my tastes and knowledge.... same I do with my guitars and my luthier (under my direct direction...) strings, set-up, tunings... and I play my music. 

Sincerely: thanks for your time and wisdom...

P.S. - the vintage preamp was a Marantz 7C...  classic looking crap, made by another Cancer-born: Saul Marantz.

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