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Post Subject: How to convert life insurance into SoundPosted by Romy the Cat on: 7/19/2005

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Thanks for pitching the Johnson capacitors. They do not look “large enough” for me. I used in past the following caps:

They have very good size to value ratio. The ironic part that I just called to the manufacturer and they informed me that their caps are 600V rated. This turn out to be very good news!

Dima, keeps treating me with his worrying that at high voltage the air caps will act as a capacitance microphone and will pick up all acoustic and electromagnetic dirt form air. Perhaps he is correct but I remember how wonderful the air caps were in the corrector…

From a different prospective the result I got from the Cube 950 was so satisfying that it made me very satisfied. So, I ordered a party of Cube 950 1000pF (they turned out to be cheap like dirt) and if a series tandem of them will do OK in this high impedance application then I will try to un-wind some turns from the 950s making them smaller. Also, I can always drop the loading resistor a little… In anyways now I am in good shape, since I learned that the problem was the cap (filter) but not the transformer or any other “bigger” pain.

The problem is that I know that I will always be drooling when I look at the air capacitors… Probably I should burn this amp once in order to get the answers about the air caps. When I designed the chasses I actually made the provision for 2 pair of 1650pF air filters. I have space in there… I have the sealed enclosure for the capacitors… I have the capacitors themselves… I have a life insurance….

I have to do it….

The caT

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