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Post Subject: What we use vs. what we CONCEPTUALLY prefer.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/11/2009

 perrew wrote:

I might be confused with the passive and active, but from my understanding you prefer your active 834PT to the passive RC network and passive LCR networks. You also prefer the passive LCR to the passive RC. So 834PT>LCR>RC.

If I got it right a RL network will be similar to a LCR from needing a capacitor for the ground and then additional capacitor for the amplifier stage unless the amplifier stage is direct coupled or you can use a Transformer in between, which need to be matched.

If the biggest advantage from the LCR network is the RIAA curve is not altered from change in tubes is not such big advatage any longer why then choose the increasing complexity of the LCR over the simpler RC?



We need to keep a perspective on what we are talking about. There is a different about what we prefer and what we use. What I prefer is RL filtration and in context of RIAA it gets converted into LCR filter. Theoretically it is possible to avoid the final cap at the bottom as well and use only pure inductance filtertration:

…but the pure inductive RX ides has own issuers.  That is what I “prefer” but it is not necessary what I use. We trade opinions about conceptual advantages but we do not justify that that what we use. I do use a phonostage with feedback, I like it very much and am not going to change it to LCR. (I have then LCR phonostage as well). My feedback phonostage is a different type feedback, the one that use native tube’s Miller capacitance to write the curve. Still, I have no experience to evaluate METHODOLOGICALLY PROPERLY the advantages of my type of RIAA vs. LCR RIAA.  To compare two completed phonostages does not signify a lot about the advantages/disadvantages of a given RIAA filtration method.  So, my position is my feeling that LCR might be adventitious and it is what I “prefer” as better RIAA filter. Still, I use my feedback RC, so what, who said that what I USE must be what I prefer?

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