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Post Subject: KarmaPosted by twogoodears on: 11/10/2009
"... and I do not know if 3A/167M is better than anything else and I do not see why the metal socket is necessarily better then plastic – the socket is not the part of the tube."

As you know, the 437A is like an on-steroids ECC83, ALL glass built, no plastic involved, Roman...
The 3A/167M is sturdier built... 

Inserting a 437A in a tight Noval ceramic socket isn't a bliss: price involved and the risk of hearing a "crick" noise while swapping tubes being a possibility make me worry about this...

"... which makes the things to be “sought after”. I do not think that it would be a huge actual different for you to use 3A/167M or 437A beside to make good pictures for your blog and let the Audio-Morons to envy." 

Elusiveness in record collecting like in tubes, guitars or... stamps give  a "sought after" status to stuffs... sometimes an ugly stamp is worth crazy price-tags more than a gorgeously coloured one... not necessarily the most sought-after item is the best.

"I never heard the WE416B/416C, not about them but from what I just have seen in their sheets and in the description of their design they might be very interesting tubes. The only thing that you need to watch with them is my Vacuum Cap Syndrome. The Vacuum Capacitors are the best caps to use in my phonostage but there is one ugly factor. The Vacuum Caps are high voltage and the contact surfaces are very large. When you have you .25mV signal coming from your cartridge across the 38ga cable then suddenly you expose a plate of Vacuum capacitor with a contact of 30mm diameter than the rapid change of the conductive volume is affect sound very negatively (read my comments about the superior  posts:"

... interesting... like the hinting to E810F and 5842... sure I'll not go for different tubes before fully understanding, pros & cons of,  the combo I just hooked at my system.

Time will say.


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