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Post Subject: My take on the high mass.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/4/2004

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**** I don't know if you have seen this effort by a gentleman in Greece.

Yes, I am familiar with that writing. I have a problem with that guy, not with him personal but with the way in witch he thinks and consequentially with his objectives and his means.

*** As I said, I'm not really a fan of the high mass approach. (I've listened to a few but generally find them tonally unbalanced)

Guy, you see, I’m not necessary a “fan” of the high mass I rather forced to stay with high mass. I perfectly comfortable with a vision that a low mass TT can perform satisfactory. I just do not know the properties and ingredients that should be taken care and considered when a “light TT” built or designed. What I have seen that the logical engineering conclusions and common sense did not always lead to better sound. Considering that evaluation of TT’s is very complex, very costly and frequently placebo-driven topic, I personally would (and am) stay with high mass TT. The only reason “why” is because it is more secure and predictable from a standpoint of effort/result ratio. Obviously if people know how to get the predictable sound our of the specific engineering constructions then it would be great but unfortunately I am not one of them and I do not know the people who can do it. I know the people who say that they can do it but I always find that it is wishful thinking in their parts. So, my desire for a high mass TT is just an easy solution to stay ignorant and in the same time to have an easy-forecastable and secured positive result.

 *** Having seen the pictures of your Micro I now understand your desire for multiple tonearms.

Actually, as anyone who lived with multiple arms. I do wish to have a TT with only one arm…. :-)

The Cat

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