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Post Subject: Softer, Gentler LPsPosted by Paul S on: 11/7/2009
I forgot to mention that I have for a while feared that some "commercial cleaning solutions" and "treatments" use pernicious chemicals that actually "soften" the vinyl, at least for a while.

This would certainly tie in with the "transformation" I have heard after one or another "treatment" of an old, "brittle" LP.

And this just really creeps me out!

I always wonder if people who think vinyl becomes more "brittle" over time think the best approach is to "rejuvinate" said "hardened" vinyl with chemical "restoration": Lo, your LPs are as new again!

I do think some of my Angels, Seraphims, old RCAs, and a few others have gotten more brittle sounding over time, which I have attributed to progressive "micro-shattering" of the brittle-from-the-start surfaces.  But so far any attempts on my part to "treat" the surfaces to "soften" them have only resulted in listening to mud, rather than any real musical advantage.

Paul S

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