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Post Subject: Super Melquiades sound - first take.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/17/2005

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It hard at this point to sat anything defiantly about the Super Melquiades sound. Positively to derive the speakers directly from amp with no speaker-level crossover does provide multiple and multiple benefits. So, Even if to subtract all other “differences” then what might be said about the Super Melquiades sound?

It is not far from where it was expected to be with, at this point, 3 clearly identifiable,  “different” moments.

1) The Super Melquiades has bass that way exceeded what was expected in term of its quality and weight. Perhaps this absolutely unheard by me before bass is responsible for the fact that the amp sounds identical at different volume and it does develop full bass even if it plays at insultingly low volume. In fact, I did noted that I tend to listen the Super Melquiades slightly softer then I usually listen my system.

2) The midrange channel is the exact replica of the regular Melquiades but in the midbass region Super Melquiades sounds larger, more fundamental and believe me or not but it subjectively pushes my upperbass horn lower.

3) The HF channel sound very different then Melquiades-Regula. The half of 6C33 do sound different then the whole tube and I still am trying to figure out how can I get the best out of it. The half of 6C33C is not instantaneously gratifying and it requires some thinking to learn and realize what it does….

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