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Post Subject: Soft reading and rythmPosted by tuga on: 11/4/2009
 Romy the Cat wrote:

Here is the Roy Gregory’s take on Zanden 2500S CD Player

Much must more sane comments and much less idiotic aplomb that had came from the guy.

Still, from what Roy Gregory says I am bit feel that Zanden has that “soft reading syndrome”. Besides everything the “soft reading” plays do not have the rhythm. I know, it is hard to explain the RHYTHM in CD sound; it is because most of the CD players, transports, computers do not have it moist of the time. Ironically the RHYTHM mostly comes from transport…

The Cat

Hi Romy,

Don't you think that this “soft reading” players with no rythm syndrome could have mainly to do with dynamic compression, which is as much a feature of many "analog sounding" CD players as high frequency roll off?


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