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Post Subject: The back space and French Fauteuils ConfidentPosted by Romy the Cat on: 10/30/2009

Yes, Jessie, you get the idea correct. If a chair positions the upper body “properly” (whatever it means) then the upper part of body with attached to it head has no other way to go then to stick naturally out of the chair and does not need any head support. I think k the key in here is to find a configuration of the lover pat of body that would make a person so comfortable and so firm in the chair that would eliminate a need or an opportunity to move the head. The Cinematech Embassy in my view is a perfect example but Cinematech do not produce it anymore.

The Le fauteuil Faubourg chair looks good but I feel that the top part of the back is a bit too tall.  Also the chair is too wide and does not do the body’s self-centering.  I do what to hear the back side of the room and I am planning to position chair far from the back wall.  I have some very interesting and quite original ideas how to USE the space behind the chair – I will talk about it what I will be there. Meanwhile, if to look over the collection of the same that you provided that I think this chair might be more suitable for my objectives: Fauteuils Confident


Unfortunately it is absolutely impossible to judge how comfortable chair  is until you sit in it…

The Cat


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