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Post Subject: Avoiding "plastic-seat-sweat syndrome"Posted by jessie.dazzle on: 10/30/2009

More on plastic-seat-sweat-syndrome later.

Looking at the Cinematech Embassy, and reading the comments about its ability to support one's head, I conclude the ideal seat may not require a head support that goes all the way up behind the head... This was exactly my thinking when I bought one of these :

In the low position, the head support is not quite high enough to keep one's head from falling back, but can be raised exactly as required. Ideally, the armrests would be closer to the center, but on the birghter side, there is space for listener + feline friend.

Motivations for the purchase were the following:

1) Scale appropriate for large occupants (its not visually dwarfed by large people).

2) Features a reclining back, and an adjustable head support (click on the "AUTRES VUES" button), 

3) Comes standard upholstered in thick wool fabric (a sort of felt); this fabric breaths, and is far more comfortable than suffocating in leather or vinyl in front of hot amps.

Wool will not be 100% martini or Cohiba-proof, and will likely attract furry creatures, but in the event of a serious mishap, or just normal wear, the factory is set up to take back and re-upholster/service anything they make (the frame will last for ever; welded from heavy, large-section metal tube).  

Which brings us to a possible snag; I'm not sure this thing is available in the US; Steiner is an 80+ year-old French company... I think its still family-owned (the founder was hauled away by the Nazis, and died not long after his release); but I'd be willing to bet they'd accommodate an over-seas sale. If not, there are ways...


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