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Post Subject: The world is a discPosted by Stitch on: 10/30/2009
I never knew, that the 103 fanatics are ruling the world (ok, not really, but they try) until I made the following:

One of my friends had someone in his area who is a cartridge maker (or repairs them), I ordered 4 Denon 103 R with modifications for some buddies (needle, Body...) and I wrote about it in a forum, but without Details, just that I have it and that they are not bad.

I never got so much agressive feedback, because I didn‘t say what was changed (it was the know how from the builder and he made it for friendship...even after 3 years they hate me when the discussion returns to the point of „The 4 special 103R‘s).

Anyway, ferwent or whatver, I would say „really sick“. Really sick, because their whole life is in search for the ultimate unit for a few bucks to show the world that they are idiots because they buy the „expensive“ (whatever that is) stuff, which is made wrong, which is overpriced and btw. completely wrong in frequencies.

When I read some DIY Forums, and I know some guys, it is always the same:

    They had everything, I repeat everything, and it is inferior to their blah-blah-Design They all dream from the ultimate Phonostage, in the size smaller than a pack of cigarettes And when they have it, it is maximum 67,78 USD My friends once called me and told me, he saw the first preamp he could walk in it, I asked "Uh,sooo big?" He said no, all parts are lying on the floor and are connected via cheap ,25Cent cables clamped to the parts and when he asked "Does it work?" the answer was "Hey, unbelievable but I need another cap which is made from a piece of moon, sorry I can't give you a demonstration..." Then they use all that (including their modified-to-Death-74,25 USD-bought-used-Denon 103) with their rattling Garrard, because they thnk, these vibrations are supporting the Bass and the Foot-whipping-Factor is only possible with the real „knowledge“

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