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Post Subject: CinemaTech’s Embassy ChairPosted by Romy the Cat on: 10/29/2009

Stitch, funny picture, I was laughing…

Op.9, I was searching the Lafuma Magic at the site you line and I did not find any.  I do not like the Lafuma’s idea their chairs are light and this back support is too toll.  But you never know as some chairs feel remarkably comfortable when you put your ass in them. Still, I would like to have a shallow chair with wide arms and that would weight no less the myself.

I for instance like the CinemaTech’s Embassy Chair

It might not look sexy but it feels ridiculously comfortable when sat in it and it has very-very good NATURAL restriction of a head in a very narrow sweat spot. I think I will be looking something along with those ideas.

There is also the whole notion of Zero Gravity Chair that was initially developed by NASA during their SkyLab program. There are few companies that make “Perfect Chair - Zero Gravity” but they not too much accommodated for sound as they have too tall back support…

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