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Post Subject: The Benefits of PersistencePosted by Paul S on: 10/27/2009

One wonders how much one must pay to get it right from the start...

Actually, the "sagging" cantilever is not peculiar to the Jubilee or the Windfeld, but it has been a long-standing problem for Ortofon on a number of their more expensive cartridges.

I bought my MC 3000 II via the "gray market", and I sweated bullets until I was satisfied that it was OK.

You mention the "sintered body".  Sintered what?  Ceramic?  And this is then sandwiched between slabs of stainless steel?  Is the "sandwiched part" of the Jubilee also sintered (ceramic)?

Will you offer some thoughts on the sound/character/performance characteristics of the Windfeld?

And how about the new Ortofon releasing the A-90 so hard on the heels of the Windfeld?  Based on this, can an A-1000 be long in coming?

Yes, we must all be prepared to fight for the goods we've paid for!

Best regards,
Paul S

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