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Post Subject: The Denon 103 as a tale about audio Mormonism.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/27/2009

Looking at my site’s stats I find is ridicules that the thread about Denon 103 is so frequently referenced from others sites and that near 50K people have read it. People like to argue out there if was right or wrong about my concussions regarding Denon 103. Some point my (what they feel are) “mistakes” or some even quote my typical mistypings accusing me that if I cannot type them my conclusions about Denon are incorrect. It is amassing how creative the people might be out there.

I do not debate or defends my position about Denon 103. I do not like this cartridge. I do not use it. I hate the whole stiff reading character of it sound. I do not like the sound of the records that remind me the Denon 103, and there are plenty of them. I admit that I do not like rigid sound from many analog installations that I heard – I cannot explain to people how “soft” analog shall sound. Most of the people make LP to sound like CD and cold and “violet” sound is a definition of quietly for them. To Each His Own, why would I care?

However, there is a group of the people out there that have a very different reaction to my Denon 103 dislike. They read each page of the thread multiple times and then they conduce that… live is too short to worry about Denon sound.

Well, I have seen it many times and I would not argue that live is too short to wary about Denon 103 but what it has to do with YOUR curiosity about the subject? I did have my interest about the Denon 103 sound, I invested my time and efforts to investigate the subject, reach my own concussions… What the shortage of the live has to do with the Denon 103 sound? If you not willing to invest your time in negotiation with Denon 103 then it is fine – not one oblige you. How the fact the live is too short explains anything about 103. The alight the drivers, to clean records, to put the speakers out of box, and to plug an amplifier into the wall – they all activities are too primitive from the perspective “live too short”. I agree with it but live is also what we do and if you completely voluntary have chose for yourself that the sound of cartridges interest you then the justification “live is too short” is not an explanation but rather a capitulation of interest. Again, there is nothing wrong with it bit it has absolutely nothing to do with the subject of Denon 103 sound.

It truly amasses me when people with no sense of actions perform brainless activity and presume that anyone ease also are driven by senselessness and meaninglessness what the subject is very specific and very well-defied.

The Cat

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