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Post Subject: Bruckner with no attenuation.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/24/2009

 Axel wrote:
My primary problem with this composer is his dogged insistence to modulate his music like a Bi-polar depressive nut. It has to rise up and down, up and down, on and on and on, when some conductors are just going completely nuts over it all. It's like every 20 - 30 seconds one needs to take cover from all the 'overstated' fortissimos, like waves of a stormy ocean brutally, and stupidly crashing into a sea-wall, to it's distruction.
Well, all music might be viewed like this in away but it absolutely does not bother me, in fact I do not even acknowledge it. The Bruckner’s waves might come up and down but the art or listening is not “surfing the waves” but to recognize own need or interest to negotiate the “waves”. We do not really listen music out there but rather response how our internal inner-we response to external musical exasperations. Bruckner has own pattern and own fashion how the “exasperations” delivered, well, good for him, it turn out the I very much like how he does the things….

Bruckner’s requires to take time and demands a very calm and very leisure listening. He builds up pressure slow and he releases it slow but with proper performance it does not feel like “intervals” but rather as continuation of very same ornament…

I do not remember Haitink with Concertgebow doing Bruckner 8. Haitink is very strange fruit. We have a lot of his live plays with Concertgebouw over the Radio of Netherland broadcasted by local WHRB, over the year I have a LOT of Haitink. I remember a few years back he did a phenomenal Bruckner 4 – the symphony that I usually do not listen too much.

Anyhow, the Bruckner 8 is between 7 and 9 – only this shall be enough to respect it. I kind of not too abscessed over about Bruckner 8. Last year I got the great Anton Nanut’s version with Ljubljana from Jerry... It is good but it all juts rehearsal before the 9th symphony, thought it has own beauty. I have to admit that it difficult for me do not like Bruckner. All of his symphonies are in the way the “same”, it is not surprise that people tall that Bruckner did not compose 14 symphonies but composed one symphony 14 times. Still. I really-really like the Bruckner’s sound. His whole way to get sound from orchestra is VERY appealing to me. Hey, one of the reasons to buy a new house and to make in there my big room it to play that Bruckner’s sound loud…

Anyhow, typing it and listening the Gunter Wand’s play with Munch Phirarmonick from 2000. Here is the CD that shall be sold for no less than $100! Funny I have no preamp now and Milq driver directly my 109dB sensitive Macondo with no attenuation – you can imagine what my neighbors think about me….

The Cat

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