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Post Subject: Allnic and the othersPosted by twogoodears on: 10/21/2009
 Romy the Cat wrote:

Twogoodears, occasionally posting at this site also have mentioned it in his blog:

but I do not know what the Twogoodears reference points and criteria about LP playing and I do not know what WJAAS means. Anyhow, it is not a judgment of any kind but just information. Allnic Verito MC Phono Cartridge is around $2.5K that is look like an average price for a more or less good MC needle nowadays.

The Cat

WJAAS is a little joke, an acronym which means Western/Japanese Audio Appreciation Society and the unpretentious personal survey I did on the handmade cartridges I had handy was an hommage to this (WJAAS) - i.e. small manufacturers and workshop, yet producing in small scale nicely sounding gears.

My reference points and listening criteria are so simple: whatever pleases more my ears, the involvement, the inner detailing and the trueness in recording rendition... all filtered through my taste and knowledge. A very personal affaire with no scientific task, but the pleasure involved in better listening to Music.

As any survey - also the humblest - there is a podium... the easiest to be tuned for best performance is not necessarily the best sounding, in my system and for my ears.

The Verito "Z", like the "Shilabe" by Miyajima Labs, are - in my opinion and as per my direct experience - among the best cartridges available, sure able to unveil new musical nuances from records...   

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