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Post Subject: Allnic Verito MC Phono CartridgePosted by Romy the Cat on: 10/19/2009

The last couple days, having some controversy with Allnic’s preamp , made me to go few times to Allnic web site. In here I was reading the information about Allnic Verito MC Phono Cartridge.

I heard it in the playback of my local guy and I need to say that I do not hate it. It feels that Allnic Verito, thanks God, is not Koetsu, not Demon and not Clearaudio, it you know what I mean. The guy who runs the Allnic cartridge uses fine TT (I have no idea about the name) and Tri-Planar tonearm. I would be hesitant to make any comments about Allnic cartridge sound in context of other person playback but I have seen many events in my audio life what the sound turned me off just because the shity cartridge sound and it was in context of ANY playback. It is did not happen with Allnic, in fact playing a few records I did like what I heard. Surely to say anything definitively it would require to play with Allnic cartridge in own insulation but I have zero intention to do it.

The sales information presented at Allnic web site linked abode is not uncontroversial and not completely accurate but it is their site and they write whatever they want and make whatever they want claims. Still, I think in the pool of the ideas for “better” cartridges I think the Allnic might be mentioned.

Twogoodears, occasionally posting at this site also have mentioned it in his blog:

but I do not know what the Twogoodears reference points and criteria about LP playing and I do not know what WJAAS means. Anyhow, it is not a judgment of any kind but just information. Allnic Verito MC Phono Cartridge is around $2.5K that is look like an average price for a more or less good MC needle nowadays.

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