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Post Subject: a serious high mass effortPosted by guy sergeant on: 8/4/2004

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I don't know if you have seen this effort by a gentleman in Greece. As I said, I'm not really a fan of the high mass approach. (I've listened to a few but generally find them tonally unbalanced) This design seems to take that approach quite a long way.

Having seen the pictures of your Micro I now understand your desire for multiple tonearms. My experiences with arms like the SME 3012, SAEC and the big Dynavector arm have been less than satisfactory. They have all been guilty of introducing all sorts of spurious mid and high frequency nonsense. Many people criticise the SMEV for being dead sounding but I find it refreshingly free of the usual hash that plagues the more fancied arms (Triplanar, Graham etc) As I said yesterday, it has to have better wire in it than the awful stuff fitted by the factory though.

My record player only has to play LP's so I don't really need the facility to replay 78's There is enough music recorded after 1955 to keep me interested and as you pointed out, some of the earlier recordings have been put onto CD.

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