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Post Subject: Alnic H-1500 PhonostagePosted by Romy the Cat on: 10/15/2009

Recently I was visiting a guy who has Alnic H-1500 LCR Phono stage. I actually had a chance to open it up and to inspect it.

I would say that I like what I saw and how it sounded. It was not might playback and I do not know if it truly did what I would like a Phonostage to do but the initial superficial feel was very positive. The Alnic H-1500 has a pair of paralleled 417A driving output stage. I did not trace which the E282F of 417A in input and which is used as driver. It would be fun if the Alnic’s LCR would be high impedance then the input stage would drive the filter directly, skipping the driver stage all together.

Nevertheless it looks like an interesting phonostage. Too bad I do not care about phonostage anymore or I would bring it home to try…

The Cat

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