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Post Subject: Increasing trouble by dealing with the DODPosted by Bud on: 7/13/2005


motilium click

HI Brian,

No doubt that sigint would incur a big increase in intelligibility, to say nothing of the improvement in music to fly and fight by. Works real good on headphones.

I spoke with a female development engineer with the Navy back in the early 90's and she advised me to patent it and make it public domain and try to get some commercial sales before I came to the DOD with the plan. Reason she gave, and my lawyer concurred with, is that the Gov will take the process and list it as top secret and I will not be able to offer it to anyone else. Then, I will have to sue them for recompense and prove that there might be some sort of commercial value they are taking from me.

She said that with as unusual and unknown a technique as this is, that the Gov lawyers would have no trouble proving to a court, through use of "experts", that there was no value to this process and that the patent should be rescinded. They would still have it listed as secret information and I would be barred from any mention of it or use of it, personal or otherwise.

So, you can imagine what my opinion of this likely string of events might be. And Romy, you need not worry about the Gov harassing you for publishing this information, as they have had a sufficient time to discover this process on their own. That they have not done so and since t is public domain since 1994 they can only complain and request removal of the white paper from your server as a favor to them. That would be your choice of course. I have no intention of alerting these people to their lack. Nor do I feel even slightly disloyal to my country.


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