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Post Subject: The new old play….Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/12/2009

I do not subscribe audio publication but sometimes when my level of venomous hate goes down to dangerously low level I buy one at newsstand. The last night I saw October TAS magazine in Borders with a big picture of Magico speaker on the cover I felt that it was it. Without opening the magazine I was predicting that it will be a drooling Magico review, another interview with the Magico “designer” Alon the Wolf, the Magico manufactures comments where Alon Wolf would suck back the reviewer’s dick and a fed big name dealers informing that Magico speakers are available for auditioning and sale. Was I right?

I did not read the magazine yet. I just scanned the Magico 5 review and the interview. The actors are all the very same   - the “estimable” Jonathan Valin, the Alon Wolf – a “designer” extraordinaire, a next model of  Magico, the absurd  writing and the “starving for knowledge” audio readers who need to be informed .

Again, it is very much not the article against Magico 5 loudspeaker. I am sure that it is exactly the sound that I am expecting as the Magico strategic view about sound was well portrayed in their initials Magico Mini model. At that time there was no public figure with integrity that would kill that “strategic view”. Quite in contrary - the seeds of Magico ugliness were planted into the worst the High-End Industry had.

Before, the Magico’s place was taken by Kharma.  It was almost 5 year as the industry made each audio-idiot to buy that crap and to make the people to consider the sonic garbage that Kharma outputs as “high-end result”. The Jonathan Valin’s idiotic brain was very instrumental in this possess but then the time changed - the dollar went to toilet and the Kharma distributor made his load of domestic crimes that shifted his interests. A new “audio Messiah” was invented: Jonathan Valin put the Kharma into the con.

I need to mention that Valin- Wolf and the rest of dirt was not an accidental mix. It is like Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels – those people really found each other in the right moment of history.  Who is Jonathan Valin?   Is it this guy?

But let do not pay attention to the internet BS but deal with the people who know him deeply and personally. I spoke with a great number of dealers, distributors and manufactures and ALL of them, each single person them told me that they have zero respect to this man.  Furthermore, over 50% of them told me that Jonathan Valin is a criminal and provided me with mid-blowing exemplas of what this dirt did. Yes, from what I was told many of his actions are prosecutable is anyone care about him. Furthermore, 100% of them gave to me examples of Valin’s actions that were so disgusting that if Valin would live in less legally-civilized country then he would be suffering a lot from a very justifiable physical retribution. Why this piece of ignorant, fraudulent and filthy dirt still is in “public service” no one know. No one knows besides me: Jonathan Valin is in serve to the ignorant, fraudulent and filthy industry.

I do not know Alon Wolf a lot. A few years ago when we have that only more or less specific conversation about audio he demonstrated himself as an absolutely dead person, in fact he asked me “what the time-aliment for drivers is all about”. Everyone knows that he is a successful businessman in other then audio fields; everyone knows that his absolutely dead in any subject of audio and that anything that happens in  Magico happens by the hands and head of guy that Wolf brought from Israel (I do not remember his name - he is not a public figure unfortunately). So, when the Valin’s does his “interviews” with Wolf, asking his adolescent questions , then it so much reminds me the interviews with Sarah Palin – juts a collection of mindful buzz words. It is like to interview Mark Levinson about sound - if you know what I mean.

Well, everyone learn and Alon Wolf, being an accidental person in audio might learn as well. However, I judge not the cheap internet words but the actions and the practical results. A few years back, when the craze with Magico started around the Magico Mini I was one of the very few voices who very actively did not like what Magico Mini demonstrated and was warring about the very bad direction Magico Mini took sound to.  Alon Wolf and Jonathan Valin very much together and very much in coordinated efforts battled my position. They did not engage my arguments and my very specific complain about Magico Mini’ sound but they were trying to discredit me accusing that I never heard the Magico Mini. There were many-many posts and long debates about it in TAS forum, now it is all gone but some still remember it. Well, sound reasonable – a manufactures and a reviewer defend the reputation own product from attacks of an ignorant internet yahoo, does it? Well, not really. My complains were very specific and I insisted that I heard Magico Mini multiple times and in very comfortable for myself environment. The Wolf and Valin informed that it never happens and instead that unless I disclosed in whose home it happen they will ban me from TAS for and delete all my negative comments about Magico Mini (it was very beginning of Magico and there were not a lot of Minis installation out there). I failed to name where I heard Magico, as a result I was banned and you will see no negative comments about Mini in TAS forums. One would not think that Wolf and Valin did anything wrong if do not know the actual facts. The facts were that Wolf and Valin knew very well where and how many times I heard Magico Mini and they knew that the condition of my listening was my agreement that I will not disclose the location. Those two sons of the bitches knew about it and they played the public opinion with this fact. Well, this way I ended up as BS-taking person and Magico Mini was sold to the homes of each person who has between ears not brain but a mechanism to suck Jonathan Valin’ s dick. The story I brought is to demonstrate what LEVEL of people the Wolf /Valin tandem is.

How about the Magico 5 loudspeaker? It is very much in the same “TAS house sound “  – I find it is too boring to talk about it. The unfortunate part that it is all not a progress in loudspeakers. Each new model of Magico is just a ways for the industry to extort new stack of cash from the idiots who would bite it. The whole strategic direction with Magico/TAS sound is so wrong that there is no need look at this with hope.

The Cat

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