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Post Subject: Ah ja? Oh, yes?Posted by Axel on: 10/10/2009
Nun, das ganze scheint eine interessante Idee.
Well, that all seems an interesting Idea.

Ich muss allerdings zustimmen, das es nicht ganz leicht werden wird.
I have to agree that it will not turn out to be really that easy.

Ich hatte Englisch sprechende Kollegen und die fanden tatsächlich, Französisch wäre die einfacher zu lernende Sprache für sie.
I had some English speaking colleagues, and they found that French was the easier language to learn for them.

Now, there was a youngster that turned out to become a philosopher and he learned Latin apparently by just reading it loud, having no idea what texts meant...
Eventually it just all made sense --- mystical? magic? maybe.


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