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Post Subject: Is PCM rawer than wav?Posted by perrew on: 10/7/2009

I have no clear understanding either, but I always thought that .wav was a wrapper to the PCM file. That a raw .wav that you speak about then is a PCM file with a header?

Also from my understanding the DVD-A sometimes have a "lossless"(whatever that means) packing called MLP when the length of the recorded piece is to big to fit on the disc. But if it is short enough it can be in LPCM 192/24.
If the DVD-A with Tossy is not MLP I think it will be pretty much the raw .Wav

I agree the old CD should be compared to the new to see if new mastering has done any harm. But I cant find the old disc so very hard.

I tried finding the Tank but its impossible.

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