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Post Subject: The LPCM vs. PCM, why this 'debate' even necessary?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/7/2009

 perrew wrote:


from my understanding, this disc called HDAD, contains on one side a DVD-Video resolution, 96/24 and on the other side a DVD-A i.e 192/24 resolution. So the disc on one side can be played in your regular DVD player and the other in a special DVD-A player. However I guess both formats are coded in LPCM.

Also one more disc is included which they say is a regular 44/16 CD which has not been downsampled from the DVD-A/V disc but recorded simultaneously.

I think the comparison might be interesting between these disc, to see if this HF/LF trouble that you assign to Hi-res is available here.

Caveat is that this comparison is conditioned on none of them being "raw" files so it might be a moot comparison.

Do I understand you correctly that when you speak about the CD being much worse than the raw file you mean the CD is PCM format or do you mean the wav wrapped PCM?

PS. The Tchaikovsky is also available but not with 44/16 included and I ordered both Tchaikovsky and Sibelius, however I dont find the EVEREST disc so cant compare to it.

I do not have a clear understanding of the DVD-A, frankly I never care about it. Yes, the linear pulse code modulation format is how both DVD-A and CD are encoded. Some people say that it is uncompressed format and some say that it is so called Lossless Packing. I have no idea but what I know is that the quality that I have with raw WAV file after it was converted into LPCM is not the same. Furthermore we have the CD or DVD-A reading media, like players that read the discs, that add own huge problems. I am kind of raw WAV files type of guy and I know that if I have a fresh file from my A/D converted then ANY manipulation with it, let me to accent: ANY MANIPULATION does destroy sound. A resaved WAV file is not the same as the master fine, do not ask me why – I down know why. I do not even talk about a conversion of a file into different format that is very devastation…

I do have the original Everest discs and a few different pressings or Everest and other companies pressings on LPs:

They did very good Sound in their time. Saying all of it negativism about DVD-A as completely not necessary format I might suspects that the Everest DVD-A in 192/24 will be better then what they had in CD years back. The only reasonable from my point of view comparing would be to the CD from 20 year back with the CD that they put in this DVD-A box. It is possible that they “mastered” the recording up to the point that they absolutely destroyed it. I have see it many times happened. Again, even though the Everest DVD-A in 192/24 might better then what was available before but juts because it is in DVD-A format it will not be as good as it could be if it was in raw WAV format.

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