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You should expect to hear just the music. In explaining the effect of this process in words, I am in a simmilar position to Romy with his Melquiades amplifiers.

Most speakers sound just fine, to those who are used to them. We have, in our sensorium correlator, the ability to assign prejudgements to all input from eyes, ears tongue etc. We can block out repetative, iritating sensations and might not ever be able to "find" them again. When you first hear a set of treated speakers they are going to reset all of your prejudgements, but not immeaditely.

The first few minutes will be a time of breaking down expectations and then you will begin to notice extra sounds, ones that make sense, but you don't remember hearing before.

Soon thereafter you will notice how crisply defined, without any irritating leading edge scritch, all sounds are. Then comes the depth of the sound field. Then the incredibly fast and intense transients, rim shots on drums will cause you to fear that your drivers are going to split, horns will no longer sound like paper over comb kazoos, bass violas will thrum and violins will create the most exquisitly delicate fog.

Then you will start to hear things that are "Alien sounds" and begin to worry that the process has caused these to arise, then the correlator wil take over and the speakers will once again sound just fine. Except for the alien sounds.

Then will begin the process of rooting out all of the creators of these alien sounds. A less than perfect VTA on the tone arm. A preamp whose voltage drive does not match your amplifiers sensitivity, so you are always stuck in the first quarter of rotation of the volume control pot. An insufficient supply of instantaneously available electron clouds, on the minus side of the preamp and power amp. Something other than Litz wire interconnect and speaker cables, with the correct amount of dialectric material for utterly neutral response. etc. etc. etc.

The speakers will exactly reflect the improvements made with the death of each of these aliens. Eventually you will make a breathrough, enough aliens are dead that the sound ceases to be AUDIO and somehow creates this bubble of pressurefull impact, even without a sound, and only music will arise from this nest.

Soon enough this will also become the ordinary. This is where you can really begin to spend money, only to find that mostly, a new product just introduces a new group of aliens to kill off. Meanwhile, you wont have touched your speakers for what quickly becomes years.

I hope Romy forgives me for these poetic sorts of words, but I am sure he knows the sense behind them.


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