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Post Subject: A need for Resolution /Sampling Assessment TestPosted by Romy the Cat on: 10/6/2009

In the time of silver photography, when we shoot on E6 film, we use grayscales on the first image to let the print shops to correct chromic aberration of film, development or lighting. Looking at the amount of BS the today is going on with high-res files I suspects that this BS will widening with increase popularity of high-res. So, what I think need to be invented is some king of digital watermark that would allow us - the users - to hear the objective amount of bids and rate. Here is how I see it shall be invented.

During recording process the recording engineers before music starts, right along with the microphone feed record a resolution /sampling assessment signal. This signal is engendered in such way that change of sampling rate of resolution destroyed the signal. Furthermore the record resolution/sampling assessment signal being played at proper resolution and sampling shell produce some kind of auditable reference. Think about the LP test record when a voice is counting frequency and the specially made track measures the tonearm resonance frequency. Something like this shall be designed for identification of resolution and sampling rate. I know, it is hard to record the upper bites above 20 bit, I do not know, I am not engineer – they shall think about it.

What I do know is that what I but a file I would like to know how it was recorded and what kind rate and resolution transformations it what over while it reaches me. I think the company that do it first would get a lot of very positive publicity if their files will be opening with audible Resolution /Sampling Assessment Test

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