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Post Subject: DeCompressor - Puncher Processor for WaveLabPosted by Romy the Cat on: 10/4/2009

I have been using WaveLab for a while but never used with default available of aftermarket available set of plug-ins. I did of because tried them and played with them and found that they were not usable for my purpose.

I was looking at the SPL compressor: DynaMaxx Model 9735

The reason I was interesting in it because it has an interesting feature that I conceded to use foe my FM recordings: the De-Compression. According to SPL:

“The DE-COMPRESSION function inverts the operation of the compressor to produce new dynamic headroom, which may beused to increase the dynamic range of a previously overcompressed signal. The process may also be used to expand the dynamic range of other sources, such as drum or synthesizer samples, but the expansion process is quite different to that normally found in compressors with integral downward expanders. A downward expander means that any signal below the Threshold will be even lower after processing, but with DYNAMAXX, signals above the Threshold are amplified and gain new headroom. For this process to be musically useful, it was essential that the time constants were musically automated – fixed time constants wouldn’t do the required job. Perhaps that is one reason why it hasn’t already been incorporated in the manycompressors currently on the market.”

The idea is interesting but who what to pus an extra pro -audio-lever devise in signal pass? Then I asked myself: the WaveLab has plug-in loop, how about I find a devise that would do the same? So, VST has a devise that they call Puncher. According to VST and WaveLab”

“The Puncher plug-in generates additional harmonics which are added to the audio material. The result is a more dynamic and “punchier” sound, particularly when applied to drums and percussive material. Compared to the Peak Master (copressoer) the Puncher plug-in could be described as operating in almost the opposite way. Puncher leaves quieter parts untouched but will add power to the louder portions without causing clipping. The plug-in is optimized for peak signal levels between 10 and 0dB, the closer to 0dB, the better.”


Very good and the most important it is might be easily and absolutely painlessly bypassed by digitally turn off the plug-in loop. The Puncher has a numbers of settings, including the regulation of the strength of the effect and the dynamic range after witch Puncher begin to act. Although there is some things that I do not like in the Puncher sound but generally I do feel that the Puncher DeCompressor has positive effect to my FM recordings.

The Cat

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