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Post Subject: A single ultimate arm...Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/3/2004

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 guy sergeant wrote:
The Ultimate turntable only needs to provide for one arm. The ultimate arm. Why compromise its performance with various inferior arm designs.

Well, certainly a single ultimate arm would be a good thing but I still would love to have a number of the cartridges available for the different records, type of the recordings or for the different style of listening: mono cartridge, different shapes of the needle cartridge, an ultimate cartridge, “everyday records” or “CD cartridge” and so in. All of them, in order to get the best from each cartridge, might require the different arms, at least the different affective mass, dumping, VTA, rigidity and so on. I do not even mention that different cartridges might require the different loading that might lead to the different after cartridges hardware…. So in the real world, all cartridges that you might select might not be used with one arm. I would like to have juts one arm but I do not see any impediments why an Ultimate Turntable should not have more then one arm. There is no compromise to enable a TT to have 2 arms for instance.

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