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Post Subject: The help that FM needs!Posted by mjloudspeaker on: 9/29/2009
 scooter wrote:
I see that apple has added a FM tuner to its new iPod nano

I would bet that the tuner is medicore, but it has the potential to boost FM listenership considerably given the massive market penetration of iPods. While Apple may not revive FM, it may breathe new life into the format. Long live FM.

Hi Scooter,

what fm needs to do is get away from formatted playlists and get dj's to mix tracks again.

Here in Canada, for example, there is a chain of fm stations that plays the same computer generated playlist tracks, 200 of these stations across the country, with specific regional commercial inserts, this is the only difference when you listen in different regions. 

Guess what, over time, I can tell you which track will play next.

Now FM is business, seriously. They generate profit for owner. What is now needed is dj involvement. 

Unfortunately, I only hear this on internet radio now, but I believe this involvement must and will return to FM in time, thus creating excitement again when listening to FM.

by th eway, I only buy mp3's with fm tuners built in, always like to have fm available for sure.

Cheers, j. 

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