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Post Subject: Is connectors/wiring fetish based on facts or fiction?Posted by mjloudspeaker on: 9/28/2009
 Paul S wrote:
'Standard Practice" most certainly depends on what part of "industry" you are looking at.  While an automoble assembly line might adopt one set of standards, submarine SONAR or interstellar spectrometry systems, for example, would most certainly use others.

Clearly, it is exactly the VERY SPECIFIC regulation of "electricity" that determines how those "electrons" present themselves after "processing".

I think zip cord people and other circular thinkers have their own sites.

Paul S

I have to agree with you on "parts of industry", with specific standards inherent in specialization, but "specific regulation" if inaudible does not matter to me. And the process is to get a coil to move in a magnet. Simple enough, I think.

And when is enough enough?

That is my only point in this, but a job well done is something else entirely, with or without the advancement of audio sonic results.

Which brings to mind this interesting article- by Nilay Patelposted Mar 3rd 2008 at 8:03PM on engadget HD.

Audiophiles can't tell the difference between Monster Cable and coat hangers

My thoughts here, in no way circular, not subject to change without notice really.

"P.S. I wished I owned a zip cord manufacturing plant." Maybe I could buy myself a nice meal, in a fine restaurant, go to a movie, have a few dollars to go shopping, that sort of thing. 

Take care, j. 


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