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Post Subject: Re: Yes, certainly staked :-)Posted by Bud on: 7/11/2005

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You may post the paper if you like. It is public domain material. I did send a copy to Antonio so any immeadiate need has been met.

If you meant that you want to explore this process on your own, then you need some basic supplies.

1. Speedball pen lettering set with blunt cut tips from A0 to A5. These are the bent end blunt tips.

2. Microscale clear gloss coat paint. It is some kind of industrial floorwax of an Acrylic bent, but I don't know which one. One bottle will fully coat many speakers and your's will not need to be fully coated. This is the conformal coating described in the paper.

3. Flat, clear liquid acrylic paint. I use the Poly S product, from the same model shop that sold you the Microscale clear gloss coat. Shops that sell scale trains are most likely to have both products. This material, cut 33% with water, is the "ink" used in the pens to create the individual blocks of the pattern. Except with unfilled paper cones, there an uncut paint is best. 

4. Polar coordinate graph paper. The polar coordinate paper allows you to pre make an inking template to sit just below the rows of blocks and guide your application of the Poly S material. An exactly correct application is NOT needed, you just want to avoid overlap between blocks on the two different rows. I do have a lisp program, that runs in Autocad, that will generate the pattern, given inner dia (joint between cone and center dome), outer dia. and length from dome edge to outer edge of cone at the surround but you do need Autocad and it is not cheap and the learning curve is very steep.

Then, when you have all of these items, we can dicuss what to do with them, to insult your various flat and curved surfaces. And you can treat your room too........


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