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Post Subject: Connectors and MassPosted by Paul S on: 9/26/2009
Over time I have observed that, in most cases, one quickly turns the corner from "enough' connector mass to suddenly arrive at "too much" connector mass.  I started out with a cable clamp like Jessie shows for my 6 gauge "dedicated ground" wire for just the reasons Jessie cites, that it needs to be REALLY TIGHT.  From that point,  I actually wound up soldering that whole effing junction to "protect" it/keep it from "going bad".

Warning: The following is for total OCD nutbags only:

I always clean my solder joints mechanically; then I "pacify" them with alkaline flux buster; then I coat the joints with a couple of applications of very saturated "natural" shellac.

In other words, I crimp down key permanent connections, then I solder them (with high copper content solder...), then I keep the air off the joints.

I have already shared the dielectric grease "secret" for "normal" "mechanical" connections, including (so far, so good...) tube pin connections.

I used to use Caig Pro Gold on my amp/speaker connections; but now I use di-electric grease on all 'temporary" "mechanical" connections' (6 months , and all is well...).

not to bust any DIY bubbles, but the fact is that most "soldered" joints are also - effectively - "mechanical" connections, very similar to the vicious copper lug Jessie shared, and not always that good electrically, FWIW.
Not to make work for those commited to easier "solutions", but I settled on my "system" by listening and I "backed it up" with measurements, apropos

Caveat: If ignorance is bliss, STAY AWAY from volt meters!  Do NOT experiment with signal/noise/loss readings across various connections!

Paul S 

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