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Post Subject: Re: What about ported speakers?Posted by Bud on: 7/11/2005

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Works just fine with ported, unported or open baffle. The process works on the boundary layer of the cone. This is the very thin area between cone material and air. The actual mechanism just disallows energy trapped in this zone from reflecting from the outer edge of the cone back across the surface, thereby creating odd order impedences, via summing nodes, in the cone boundary layer. When a driver is treated it becomes a single pass transmission line with all energy being emmited in phase across the whole cone and thereby producing only phase coherent and time aligned energy density in the air. This phase coherent energy density compresses the air inside of the box very uniformly and produces an inverted signal at the port that is also phase and time coherent. Also your cone will move a lot less for a given output.


To answer the rest of your question I am staked down near Seattle. Just East in fact, on top of a hill, above a lake I cannot see. If you do not want to wait on a pre test unit then start looking for the boxes the drivers came in, or preparing to create their equivalent. Might be able to get the folks at Madisound to send you some. They are usually pretty kind that way.


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