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Post Subject: Or shall I say will you bat?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/21/2009


I was thinking about you tonight. I was thinking to converts some of my tapes to digital but I do not want to play with the quality aspects of the transfers.  So, I wander: what if I encourage you to do more interesting transfers then hat you do? It is much easier for me to bitch that you did something wrong then to do right things myself….

You are within 50 years copyright gap right? So, if you go into 2010 then you can release the recordings from 1960. The 1960 was very cool year. How about to release what you never did – operas, or let say operettas. Karajan recorded in 1960 his first stereo recording of “Die Fledermaus” (Gala) with absolutely mind-boggling cast; it probably never ever was more killing cast for ANY opera: Sutherland, Nilsson, Berganza, Price, Simionato, Tebaldi, Resnik. Then the guys - Björling, Del Monaco,  Berry, Bastianini,  Wächter … The Fledermaus itself is so “musical” that German in there sound like Italian – I love it a lot. The tapes and LPs are very much available and the official 44/16 transfer never was good in my view.  I would like to have it at 24 bit - no better Fledermaus Concent will be performed ever and I do not like to flip the disks or reels. Will you bite?

The Cat

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