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Post Subject: The pitch discrimination....Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/18/2009

I kind of never paid too much attention to it a few years back but lately more and more it become to fascinate me. I am taking about the Macondo/Melquiades tandem’s ability to demonstrate distinction between pitches at alarming high level.  Sure the extreme of discrimination between the notes was always one of the main characteristic of playback. We select loudspeaker drivers, crossover topologies, stages operation conditions, cables and many other things based upon it. However, we still do not actively mitigate pitch discrimination we just navigate it but have no direct ability to impact.

The pitch discrimination was an objective during the Macondo/Melquiades but I more managed not the actions but rather the favoriteable predispositions.  So, I have no idea what I did right,  what was more or less important but the result with Macondo/Melquiades is from the perspective of pitch discrimination is very much further away than anything I heard from playback. 

Macondo/Melquiades is very bitchy in term of pitch and I have no idea way but it become worth and worth.

I have pretty much 4 playbacks that I listen regularly. One is in my car – the stock playback – complete garbage.  One is at my work – a CD player and headphone –high quality both.  Then the MiniMe and the Macondo.  I very seldom listen the playbacks of other people but I very rarely find it interesting and I do not it lately as much as I use to do it in past. The Car, the Work and the Mini from the perspective pitch discrimination are all the same – they mask out everything. The Macondo is very different story – it highlights the pitch differences and if anything is tonally off the wall then it screams like wounded in ass animal. All those minute offset pitches of brass in Mahler, or those pre-dialed in strings or those flattening sounds of bad copper … all of it VERY much highlighted with Macondo. You say that some pianist can play that the wrong notes are not “visible” – try it on Macondo! The wrong notes with Macondo sound like not less then somebody’s cold hands on your testacies!

It is really interesting where this effect come from and why other playbacks do not do it.

The Cat

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