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I too am uninterested in Audio theories. I do not want to hear audio either. I design and build transformers, interconnect cables, speaker cables, treat speaker emitters, mounting face plates, boxes, etc., so I do not have to hear audio. Listening to speakers does not interest me, I don't want to know they are in the room. If I am looking at them, when I must, I do not want to be able to tell that they are participating in what I am listening to.

This process that I am going on about makes speakers inaudible. Only music and the art forms within, waiting to be released, are allowed. I mentioned it to you only because I noticed in one of your posts that you do not use your bass fundament towers for all music. That should not be. You should not even know you have bass fundament support, they should be invisible to your ears and to your automatic correlator.

The correlator being the sentient and aware process that draws your attention to sounds. Hearing is not a positive sense. It is in fact extremely prejudicial threat assessment system. As an example, if you are walking on the sidewalk in town, feeling safe and secure, obeying the rules, and you hear an unknown or surprising sound behind you, what do you do? You cannot avoid having your attention brought to this unknown, as you say, "Alien" sound. Your correlator and automatic threat assessment systems want this sound catalogued and it's source defined, NOW. Same is true when listening to art being redisplayed in your room as "music" I do not like having this threat sensor going off while I am listening to Horenstein conduct the L. S. O. through Mahler's third symphony in my living room. I am mindful of and very happy that the engineers at Unicorn were able to capture this great art and am pleased to have an excellent pressing being played on my tuntable, through my pre amp, amps and speakers. I am always willing to discuss what I know, from practical experience, is working as I want it to. But I don't want to hear it happening

The offer to treat the bass tower speakers for you is just an offer to remove them from your attention, so you forget they are on, so you have to approach them closely and perhaps even touch one to be certain they are on. The only thing they should be guilty of is providing that footprint for all of the other musical art to sprout from.

This is, to me and some happy others, a very well defined process for reintegration of information, that would otherwise have been left to be expressed as uncorrelatable noise. I am not making things better than they can be. I wont be changing the expressions of tone, etc., produced. I will just be eliminating the possibility of one of the worst forms of mis-expression found in all emitters, regardless of type, cost, materials or marketing. These false emissions are known as standing waves and I know how to keep an emitter surface from expressing energy in the transient form of this menace by controlling the boundary layer, at the surface of the emitter, with a a pattern whose additional mass is equivalent to writing your name in ink on a piece of notebook paper.

I am going to attempt to send the white paper to you, via the email address given, in the notification that you had answered my posting. It is a harmless PDF file of 470k or so. Please excuse my starting from ground zero in the paper, it is written for a very general audience. Some of whom are very deliberately dim when it comes to their "profession." I hope you enjoy reading it.


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