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Post Subject: It is possible to eliminate some forms of gross side band distortionsPosted by Bud on: 7/8/2005


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I have been poking around your highly intellectual site for a day or two now. Quite excellent.

I noticed you have direct drive towers for bass fundiment support. Would you want to clarify their activity and bring it to the level of the horns?

I have a process for almost massless transverse wave standing wave elimination, on all surfaces, that would allow those drivers to charge your room with that just before a storm feeling of pressure, without any alien artifacts laying about to obscure your attention.

If this thought interests you I can send you a white paper that has been completely ignored by the AUDIO PROFFEESIONAL society. I would of course rather just arrogantly attach my impotant document to this note but you have carefully eliminated thatpossibility!

If your interest remains, a proof of principle would be in order, since you would have to supply the drivers, free of enclosures, all the way out here to the upper left crust for treatment. I can recommend that you send a copy of your favorite $50 table radio for treatment and retun. That way, if you feel my claims are not supported by reality I can afford to buy the offending item from you.

Please feel free to eliminate this post, won't incur my wrath or interrupt the delighted spontaneous erruptions of laughter.


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