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Post Subject: “Critical Audio Tune” bay-leave in the soup...Posted by Axel on: 9/1/2009
yes, very well put. I have enough 'intuition' to have understood, unless you wish this to be THE one and only...

As to the 'linearity first', I was talking about the first generally accepted step in cross-over tuning and measuring. I know this if far past by now with your set-up --- BUT I have seen some folks wilfully ignoring it, going straight to the "Laurel leave" fine tasting, whilst the basic soup isn't right to start with. (As having had chef's training I actually happen to know what we are talking about)

If your initial 'soup' ingredients are not right, you can NOT get it right by 'fein abschmecken'*). I hope this makes some sense.

I still would like to know what you did for this 'fine tasting'*) Laurel leave effect of yours. You could have stuck some 'stickers' onto your driver's membrane, or done God knows what. If it's supposed to be a secret, well then so be it.

Though, it's always good to hear if something worked real well in some given, specific set-up as e.g. the cap changes that I mentioned.

Enjoy the music,

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